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With so many tastes, genres, reviews, likes, dislikes, remixes, charts, opinions, gigs, events, new gear, music, technology and fans was created to bring DJz & Producers together within one professional community forming a pristine club for the DJ, by the DJ!

Created by world renown DJz, Producerz and industry professionalz at the top of their game, has created the perfect platform for all who join. From networking with each other and building a fan base to reading reviews and listening to the latest and greatest mixes, is a one-of-a-kind perfect tool to further your career.

“It’s the 5 Star Golf & Country Club of the DJ Biz; the place to see and be seen online,”says Grammy Voting Member, entertainer & producer, Scott Messina

Without a doubt, DJz are the new “Rock Stars” of today and Producers are an important reason why many songs are getting noticed and charting to the top!  Superstars like DJ Scribble, Guetta, Audie and Skrillex (to only name a few) are to thank for developing such a strong foundation; BUT new DJz and Producerz are being discovered each and every day! helps increase members popularity, online awareness, worldwide reach, link juice through back-links and popularity for DJz, Producerz, production services, brand awareness, new mixes, and excellent exposure overall.

“Members of get instant respect and are taken serious within this competative industry!”

From Top 40 mega hits,  to indie labels and artists producing some of the highest quality recordings to date, if it wasn’t for the professional DJ (whether mobile, club or radio) the masses would never have the opportunity to be introduced to new music, or even dance for that matter

For the DJ, BY the DJ – join today to become an official Member of this elite club dedicated to the best of the best in the industry.

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