Attempted rapist attacked woman on NY bridge in broad daylight

Just the day before a 13 year-old girl was raped in the Bronx’s Crotona Park as she was heading home from school. Police are also looking for the suspect in the Bronx case, who was captured on video before the assault.

It comes after her friend Lucy Prebble — who wrote the Sky series, I Hate Suzie, in which Piper starred — claimed that women were struggling to attract ‘bankable male stars’ to their projects for the same reason.

Nov 13 (Reuters) – South Korea women’s head coach Colin Bell has been hospitalised after testing positive for COVID-19, the sport’s national federation, the Korea Football Association (KFA), said on Saturday.

“Content intended to scam the YouTube community — such as cryptocurrency scams — or impersonate another YouTube channel is not allowed on YouTube,” said YouTube spokeswoman Ivy Choi in a statement. The company said from April to June it removed more than 3.7 million channels and 884,000 videos for spam, deceptive practices and scams.

By the end of the day, Lord Monson should not only know whether one or more of these men — who have remained free on bail and, for a long time, continued to serve in the Kenyan Police — are guilty of bludgeoning Alexander to death after his arrest for a minor drug offence. 

The string of attacks come as New York continues to experience a surge in crime. So far this year, the city has seen 1,216 rapes, about 2.5 per cent more than had been recorded at the same point of 2020.

In Court No.1 at 9am on Monday, however, the 66-year-old aristocrat will at last turn his gaze on Sergeant Naftali Chege, retired Chief Inspector Charles Wangombe Munyiri and constables John Pamba and Ishmael Baraka Bulima, as they file into the dock for the denouement of a stop-start trial that has dragged on agonisingly since 2018. 

Unlike a stolen credit number — an inconvenient but rarely troublesome issue — stolen crypto is basically gone. Many cryptocurrencies are decentralized, managed only by code running on a blockchain ledger. 

Charles Spencer, 57, has an ambitious wish-list for actors to appear in screen adaptations of his books; he’s previously said he would like Colin Firth, Benedict Cumberbatch and Rosamund Pike to take star roles.

Shaw was charged with attempted rape, strangulation and sexual abuse for the brazen attack and is currently being held without bail while he undergoes psychiatric testing to determine if he is mentally fit to stand trial, the Daily News reported.  

He wrote the only authorised biography of The Beatles and made footballer Wayne Rooney sound eloquent when he ghosted his memoirs, but Hunter Davies is discerning about which members of the Royal Family could be his subjects. 

Eton-educated ceramicist Sam comes from an arty family himself: his mother, the Queen’s niece Lady Sarah, often submits her artworks for the Royal Academy’s summer exhibition, and his father is the actor-turned-artist Daniel Chatto.


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‘In my day, I was running around Annabel’s, getting with fast women — well, hard-to-catch women — it was a more relaxed time,’ he tells me at the West End launch party for Stephen Bayley’s book about Sir Terence Conran, Terence: The Man Who Invented Design.

He was once arrested at gunpoint for simply taking a photo of the police station where Alexander died; he has been followed by a shadowy figure and warned to leave the country because the police ‘had plans’ for him if he continued to make waves.

Claiming he had taken an overdose, the accused officers reluctantly agreed to take him — still handcuffed — to hospital. There he was shackled to the bed.

Had the medical staff turned him over, they would have seen the major wound on the back of his head. He died hours later, with his mother clutching his manacled hand.

During Google’s Pixel 6 event on Oct. 19, cryptocurrency scammers created a fake live video using footage from an earlier Google event. The slick scam uses the Google logo to convincingly sell itself as the Google Live YouTube channel. At one point, the imitation video had more than 41,000 views but it was taken down shortly after the event began. The video’s description, though, held telltale clues that it was bogus, moving between the first and third persons. A Google search showed parts of the text were plagiarized from a news article. 

And now, I can reveal, the TV star has decided to apply for Italian citizenship because he’s so angry about the way his beloved late mother, Maria-Rosa Gallina, was treated by the British authorities after she emigrated here from the Veneto region of Italy after World War II.

And now, I can reveal, the TV star has decided to apply for Italian citizenship because he’s so angry about the way his beloved late mother, Maria-Rosa Gallina, was treated by the British authorities after she emigrated here from the Veneto region of Italy after World War II

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